DynamicsDays - XL

DynamicsDays2020 Dynamics Days Europe is a series of major international conferences founded in the 1980's that provides a European forum for developments in the applications of and theory for dynamics. For over fourty years (!), it has been bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds including physics, biology, engineering and mathematics for interdisciplinary research in nonlinear science.

When and where:

Save the date: 24-28 August 2020 in Nice, France. See Venue about the exact location, where to stay and how to move around in Nice.


Plenary speakers:


For any question, please send email to dynamicsdays2020@univ-cotedazur.fr, it will reach the organization committee.

XL ?

This is the 40th edition of DynamicsDays! Please contribute and make of this edition the success it should be!


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